'Rajmudra Elevators'

Rajmudra Elevators was founded in 2009 with a Vision to Provide best Solution for the Indian vertical Transportation Since then we have installed and Maitained lifts all over Maharashtra.

Our vision

To achieve highest level of quality with a great degree of efficiency in safety, comfort and to exceed customer expectation, to be one among the global leaders.

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'Rajmudra Elevators'

Our Mission

Rajmudra is looking to appoint apprentice technicians to work in the Lift Equipment industry, our small professional team will provide you with good exposure to all aspects of technical work.
We will invent, develop and successfully market elevator products to prevent more afficient,affordable and right value to our customers.We Determine to provide better quality.

Our portfolio

Rajmudra provides its customers with industry-leading elevators and with innovative solutions for their maintenance and modernization. Check our blog!

Lifts installation

We are one of the prominent organizations engaged in providing excellent Installation.

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The Lift Modernisation Programme aims to provide better, safer and more reliable lift services.

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Rajmudra Elevator company in pune provides elevators, escalators and maintenance and repair services.

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Motors and machines

We are the industry's leading full scale service provider in Elevators technology

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Your Safety Begins With Our Teamwork